Minnehaha Messenger

2015-04-23 Minnehaha MessengerThe Minnehaha Messenger
Matt Anderson, Editor and Publisher

Description: The Minnehaha Messenger, formerly The Hartford Area News, recently was renamed when it merged the Hartford Area News and the Humboldt Journal. It is a weekly newspaper that features articles of local interest including church, school and community happenings. It also serves as the legal newspaper for Colton, Crooks, Hartford and Humboldt. It is the West Central and Tri-Valley school district’s legal newspaper. It has a weekly circulation of 616.
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Monday: 8:30am-5:00pm
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Subscription Info:
Subscription Rates in SD:
1 Yr. $30.00/2 Yrs. $55.00
Out of State:
1 Yr. $35.00/2 Yrs. $65.00
(2 Yr. Prices do not apply if past due)
To subscribe: Call 605-296-3181 and ask for Vicki or email her by clicking here.
Advertising Rates: For info on advertising rates call 605-296-3181 and ask for Emily or send her an email by clicking here.
Deadlines: Mondays at 5:00pm
News Articles: We have local correspondents in Hartford, Humboldt, Colton & Crooks. If you have information for a news article, please call the office at 605-296-3181 or email your story information by clicking here.
Contact Info:
210 W. Main Street, P.O. Box 128, Canistota, SD 57012
Phone: 605-296-3181 Work Fax: 605-296-3289
Email: email us by clicking here.